The Way We Eat Now

VERY good article : The Way We Eat Now

But the most powerful technology driving the obesity epidemic is television. “The best single behavioral predictor of obesity in children and adults is the amount of television viewing,” says the School of Public Health’s Gortmaker. “The relationship is nearly as strong as what you see between smoking and lung cancer. Everybody thinks it’s because TV watching is sedentary, you’re just sitting there for hours%u2014but that’s only about one-third of the effect. Our guesstimate is that two-thirds is the effect of advertising in changing what you eat.” Willett asserts, “You can’t expect three- and four-year-olds to make decisions about the long-term consequences of their food choices. But every year they are subjected to intensive and increasingly polished messages promoting foods that are almost entirely junk.” (Furthermore, in some future year when the Internet merges with broadband cable TV, advertisers will be able to target their messages far more precisely. “It won’t be just to kids,” Gortmaker says. “It’ll be to your kid.”)

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