MY day.

My day (yes, I charter it every year) is starting out how it couldn’t have been nicer : with a beautiful fax from my mom sending it out of South Africa (Cape Town), delivered to my email inbox, beginning with, “Darling Marlyse -”.

Ever since I remember, I like to celebrate my birthday not with other people, parties, singing and big cakes – my ONLY birthday party I ever had was at the age of 10 or 11 and that had been plenty enough for me – but I enjoy MY day mostly when totally unscripted. Usually I try to take the day off and make no plans ahead, maybe think a bit about what would be cool to do but no plans until the day itself. And I devote the entire day to myself and my whims. Most often though I begin the day with a special breakfast treat – a soft boiled egg, a good bread roll, some marmelade with a dollop of butter, a glass of orange juice – all topped by a candle and a cup of fine Earl Gray tea (with a drop of milk to bring out those sweet perfumed flavors), cuddled into a chair and reading a book or just watching fall through the window taking over all of nature bit by bit.

Today I’m enjoying my morning tea while writing these lines – the candles will be for later today. Bear and I am going for a nice brunch later today to a place with good stuff – and not greasy fast food – and an environment that is inviting to sit and chat.

And after that – I know this sounds weird – I’ve decided to spend a good portion of the day straightening and cleaning the house, that is exactly what I feel for today. If you’ve ever experienced the satisfaction and gratification of a sparkling clean place, you might understand why this sounds so appealing to me. It’s a clean slate, it’s so calming, it opens up my perceived space tremendously and opens up so much potentiality and in general is a kick jump for me to begin something, either new or a job that needs to be done and it opens up my creative taps and overall it just plain emanates tons of aesthetic vibes which I enjoy inhaling with great relish. Perfect for the beginning of a new year being me.

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