Show/Hide Sub-Categories in WordPress not as easy as 1-2-3

Did not expect to be sent on such an Odyssey when I decided that it’s time to clean up my category list. Simple enough I thought, just get a show/hide sub-categories script, install and be done. Haha. Does NOT exist what I was looking for!

The first – WordPress @ T2 : Collapse your categories – sounded to be exactly what I want, but the plural in the title led me astray. It’s not that I can have sub-categories only collapse, but the whole bundle of categories will collapse below the parent, which is basically the title “categories”.

After that I looked and searched various options but nothing worked like I wanted it to: a simple little “show/hide (sub-)block when clicked” – Same thing like the-one-about-the-collapsible-sidebar which I used to have installed with this blog under my old theme which used this principal to show/hide sidebar sections – but as simple as it sounds, having only a call like “list_cat()” to work with to get to the sub-categories you have to know enough PHP to go into the code itself which controls these categories and the list_cat() call, the general parameters only allow me to set things like “count posts” or such things.

The closest I got to what I want is what I have now installed – Fold Category List – when you click onto a category, it will display posts from that category and in the category list in the sidebar it will display the sub-categories of only this specific category.

Why am I not satisfied?

Well, I hoped to find a simple way to have this happen “in place” without being taken directly to the category, so when I’m on the index page and want to see which kind of sub-categories there are to a specific thing, I click on it, it “twirls open” and displays the sub-categories and a click onto another category will “twirl it closed” and display the other sub-categories. currently shows the principle quite well.

So, if anyone knows an easy solution to apply it to WordPress, let me know :-)

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