Finally again an entertaining night.

During my brief pregnancy and just short before the end of it, I had a lot of uncomfortable dreams, cumulating in the showdown of 2 huge groups fighting each other in a grove and diminishing either side to the same amount until they all were pretty much annihilated. I could go even so far and associate it with the stuff going on in my life, but this is neither here nor there.

Ever since my dreams were okay, but not relaxing or anything out of the ordinary.

But finally an entertaining night!

This kind of dream leaves me totally refreshed and in a good mood to charge the new day – and the remaining leaves in the yard – it is great!

It’s not just a short little snipped, oh no, it was a fully featured and full length cinema movie! I think the only thing my dreams usually don’t come with is background music.

Of course, by the time now – sipping my tea and waking up – most of it is already withdrawing into their shadows, but lets see what I still know :

It starts off with watching some news show about a single woman who all on her own made it from a small business to a huge world wide trade. At first it was watching like on TV but while the story of that woman unfolded, the shots were right “on scene”. This girl had started out with some product which included, I think, tea herbs which she mixed into a special mixture and then sealed it into a vial type tube. BAKERIES of all places, bought this stuff and I think used it in the stuff they baked but also sold it. And it was such a huge success, it spread like wild fire on the internet and she had to not only hire people to help preparing the stuff but have trucks and truck of moving the stuff out and pretty much over night she became the single handed boss of this huge empire. And while watching these news, in my dream, I thought to myself: “well, this is what I definitely not want, I just don’t want to grow this big that I no longer can produce what I produce but just have to oversee the management and all of it” – very conscious and analytical thoughts, mind you, I do that often when I dream.

After that the dream continued with my then own life. Here I am missing now the most of it and only remember snippets along the story line :

A friend of mine was about to open her own business. People were fixing up the building and everything was hectic to get done before the grand opening. Almost on the big day when interior workers were already setting up the store, the builder came back to check the integrity of his work and found a vertical crack throughout the building, and I remember him saying, “yes, this happens if we go so fast, flaws are to be expected, but look, this crack is so wide that I can stick a knife into it” and he showed me the hole and indeed it was quite a crack. He then said that this could not be left as is and the next thing you knew is that the whole front side of the building was removed (as one single block, how nice and simple dreams at times can be!) and they were fixing the flaw in one big rush while the interior work continued.

The scene changed then, we went to the home of the person who was about to open her new store – she was a friend of mine – we were a group of… I think 3 (me and 2 friends of mine but not this main person). We were waiting for something, it could be for the return of the friend. We were sitting in a children’s bedroom, her toddler sound asleep. But then some goofy stuff happened, like the baby was it’s own entertainment center (like a TV) and I don’t remember what it was and what the “logical dream explanation” was for this stuff, but then we heard steps in the hallway and her older, teenage old, brother was coming home and going straight to the bathroom to take a shower. The toddler became all excited and moved towards the door and that is when I realized that it had no working legs and was just pulling itself with the arms forwards – but all while giggling and having excitement that her brother had come home – and the other two noticed this problem too and wanted to stop the toddler from moving, thinking this would be bad for her, but I said “no, let her go” and so she went and greeted her brother and all that stuff, and then it was totally okay that the toddler had this problem, the brother explained what it was etc. and it just was what it was.

The brother then said that he had come home to prepare the pre-opening for the shop which would be a gathering here at the home with a small showing here and include some selling going on during the evening with drinks and snacks served and if we wanted to help to set the place up? Of course we did, so we helped. The apartment was tight and the showing was on 2 (or 3 floors) and what she sold were hand sculpted and designed glasswares, but some quite odd ones too.

So it turned evening and everything was pretty much ready for the 7 PM opening, me and my 2 friends sat in the cozy kitchen waiting for the people to show and I was reminded of Paris and Berlin – the good and homey feelings I’d then have from time to time – while sitting there. My girlfriend who’s showing it was came home, bringing a bunch of people in her tow to the gathering and with that the event was officially started. Another friend of mine told me that my girlfriend had on her way home had picked up my mom too and she too was now somewhere in the crowd. At first I moaned about this and tried to explain that my mom at times just could be a “little too much” but then I realized it’s not a big deal and if she is too much for others, they’ll find out themselves and that my mom actually is quite okay.

It seemed like quite a normal party but you did notice the selling going on here and there and I asked if I could help and sure I could. The thing was that there were absolute no fix prices on the objects but a piece of paper next to each and during simple conversation with a potential buyer one would ask him how much he’d be willing to bid on the object and then write down his name and offered price.

There was one which looked like a circular cat tree out of glass, brown with some flowers pained out from the center. Interesting object, was about 4 feet high with a solid glass base and about 2 or 3 circular shelves. I was talking with a person about all the potential uses for it and how much he would bid and it was something like $150 and I thought this was not a bad prize. While I noted it down I saw that somebody else had already bid $295 for it and I realized that “wow this item is much more worth than I thought it is” and that $150 was really not that much and I wasn’t sure then if I could tell the other that already a higher prize was on the item, but I then was told no, don’ say it, it’s not about out-bidding but to see how much people truly think this item is worth.

I never found out how the evening at her house turned out, I never had an encounter with my mom and I do not know if my girlfriend had success with her shop and the grand opening – though I am pretty sure she does with her artful glassware – and I didn’t find out because I plain and simply woke up, all refreshed and in a great mood.

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