Possible new interface.

Every year I’ve created a new style sheet for my blog here. Kinda missed it out for 2006 because I was quite happy with my current layout and I did not want to put a lot of time into a new look. But today I came across a style that I really like a lot and I am seriously contemplating to switch, it then would no longer be MY design but a mix of the provided template and some adjustments on my end. It looks really nice and clean, the main thing is that I would need to resize either the template or my banner images because the site does not work off the same numbers. Next to that it should fit like a glove with some nice improvements for the archives etc. – and yes, this means that also I finally would upgrade to 2.0.x of WordPress, long needed.

Even though I pushed it aside, this now might be a good time to do it all as our server in Dallas gets an overhaul (getting switched to a newer and faster machine) and with it is a big and needed cleanup of the hard drives included which will also encompass our MySQL databases, the 100 something hosted websites and all other stuff on the server. It’s going to be quite some work but it was long needed, I’ve found a while back some error in the PHP install and this should then take care of it all… and hopefully not break too many websites, as the whole structure will change (and become more secure).

Which template design impressed me this much? It’s The Tharski Theme. It’s really nice because it is so simple. There is even a simple forum software called Vanilla that workswith it (for example for the OTM site we host), but only semi-easi to combine as it does include some tinkering with PHP code and MySQL databases.

If I feel I have a week when I can devote my time to upgrading and re-designing my site here(including my photo section and Singapore next to the tribes section and Retrospect GDS) and OTM‘s website next to WindwalkerFarm and WindwalkerWoods… yes, I think that’s when I’ll upgrade and change!

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