Not too shabby.

TheSims2 on our Flatpanel TV

For it being the first day of the year, I have pretty much done what I wanted to do today: from playing The Sims 2 on our Flatpanel TV (what else would such a big screen be good for?), to taking a daily photo and putting up to myView including this blog entry; to paint some and to workout too and to listen to an LRH lecture on CD (a really cool group processing lecture in regards to “meaning”), even down to calling my mom in Cape Town, South Africa and probably chatting for an hour with her, and last but not least scrubbing the cat litter box and the kitchen and topped it all off with a super hot soak in the bath tub and taking my vitamins after dinner.

Of course as usual I didn’t manage to do all of the things I wanted to, but there are only a few misses, at least 90% of my daily goal has been reached. Let’s see how hard I can beat this routine into my brain so as to have it become second nature.

Overall it feels like a fresh year – and no, I am not somebody to wait for midnight to come to drop some resolutions which I can then break within a few days if not even hours… the ONLY New Year’s resolution (i.e. decision) I’ve ever done which mounted up to something is that I quit smoking 7 years ago, at least I think it is that long, time here is becoming a bit fuzzy even though I still miss smoking – only a few items remain in the house to be removed and all traces of Christmas and New Year will be gone. I’m also really exited in regards to the fact that since yesterday I am again enrolled in an art class at the College here (Studio Workshop II) and this will begin on 17 January. Neat.

All done. Back to end the day with TheSims… lets see if I can get Airen Tellerman-Russet’s new husband from TheVillage to reach his lifetime goal today.

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