How-to get somebody stuck.

Well, how does YOUR attention get stuck on a subject? Simple. There is some kind of mysterie involved.

Just now I realized what is so weird about the American approach of blurring out all butt cracks, nipples and other sexual organs while heavily running such programs which include partial or full nudity scenes : it is NOT to protect the morality, it is to GET A WHOLE NATION STUCK ON SEX.

No wonder that the porn industry thrives so well.

Personally, I thought it much more fun when I was 18 and we would lazily spend our days in Saint Tropez at the beach, sipping our cool drinks while playing for hours backgammon intermingled with dashes to the water to cool off – ALL topless and nobody would even have attention on it, from kid to grandma. Just not an issue and not a mysterie, just fun and sun.

The kiosks would have tons of topless magazines and there would be soft-porn movies on TV and bad language and nothing blurred, and no, society didn’t drown in bad moral, it just was much less of interest as there were no mysteries attached, breasts and nipples are just natural parts of your body and sex is part of life, that is all.

Other example : Look at all the beeping to “blur out bad language” – does it help? Nope. Do I think foul language good? Nope, I think it mainly shows failing education to teach a person to enjoy language and to enable the people to use more and better words to describe and express their feelings and attitudes and all of that next to getting them stuck on foul language as it’s all “such a horrible taboo” and the mysteries with it is build up since childhood.

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