OLD is one of the most relative terms I know.

Years ago – I will try and NOT say “when I was a child” – you bought a TV and expected to last for 20 years. Now, after a year, the hyper new technology of a year ago is already out-dated. Being around computers and software, I should by now have grown accustomed to it, but the other day I still got hit with a surprise.

I’m well aware that 3 of the many WordPress sites in which I am profoundly involved… involved along the lines of setting them up next to designing and maintaining them…, well, they had kinda aged and needed to be upgraded to the latest WordPress version, but I had put it off as they are pretty much dead sites, nobody entered something new there in 2 years and thus it had tumbled to the low-end of my priority list.

But then, the other day, I sold Joan on using MarsEdit in conjunction with her sites, because it has such a nice and clean interface and she can work off-line before uploading etc. etc. etc. – in the past I had kept track of those mentioned sites via MarsEdit and I told her to play with the demo on the one, outdated site, until we had a chance of setting up her two new sites.

What a surprise I had! She was not able to connect via the latest version, neither was I nor the oldest, 1.0 version I found. It USED to work but no longer. A year ago it worked but now the code is such of archaic, that it died on us. In our time, one or two years of age can mean AGES – just as it had been for me when I was a teenager: anybody 2 years older than me was already in an utter different universe, and talking to a 25 year old was a thing of sheer impossibility as they DEFINITELY were already half-dead and standing with at least one foot in their grave.

Guess it’s time to upgrade a few blogs and the software driving them!

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