Sometimes I’d like to know what my cats are thinking.

If you have cats – or ever had one in the past – you surely know these moments where the cat just sits next to you and stares you down. Tricky is especially good at this. He actually vibes when he thinks it’s dinner time. He’ll push himself utterly into my space, but just by sitting there and looking and emanating these vibes. He does this too when he wants to play.

Xena then will get “nutty” and begin biting her own tail or back and running around and again bite-cleaning her tail. That is the exact indicator when she is overflowing from energy and needs to chase a feather or a ball or anything.

Tricky also has this very specific “Mom, I am in a smoochie mood” look, when he gets this vulnerable look on his face while his eyes go really dark and small.

This evening, for several hours, Tricky once again sat and watched me intensely… even though he had food and water and overall looked content, but it’s as if he’s expecting something of me, and in moments like this gives me the impression he wants more than simple attention or play.

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