The Mystery of Little Aches

This morning I had one of those unexpected non-spam comments on one of my recent posts from DearestDragonfly which brought me back to my blog which grinned into my face with the date of my last posting to it of how time is an agreement and obviously right now just evaporates left and right from me.

Curious as always I follow the link of the comment poster and get wrapped up a little, reading her dealings with major change in her life and especially at that age, not much older than mine, when set into a life of semi-security, to move and start from scratch what adventure but also scare and loss of ‘the now’ this can be. Change, really an interesting subject. And as usual I get thing twinge of jealousy when I read somebody writing with a great and interesting style, one that captures you while reading, hinting and open, something that is not just reading somebody else’s journal, but reading a style that could be found in a newspaper column or such.

It’s 9 AM and I am still at home. My dad arrived Wednesday late and for this reason I’ve adjusted my job times a little. I’m the first to be up and about, nothing new with B. hibernating in the mornings as usual, but my dad usually is an early person, so he says. Obviously our guest bedroom futon is comfy enough to make him sleep in.

With having him here there are these changes in routine, from overeating at Macaroni Grill – yummy, such good food it was – to going to bed an hour later. Much sugar and some alcohol next to much more TV and chat than usual, next to not wearing my mouth-guard (which helps me get my lower jaw again well aligned and pressure points removed) – all contributing to me waking up with this pang of headache. But it’s also “that time” of the month – no, not periods or pre-periods as one could expect, but rather ovulating (so now you know) and this is worrying me, because this easily means that my 4 or 5 day migraines could be on it’s way – never good to have, but definitely not good to have when my dad is here for his visit and we have a lot of people coming over on Monday!

Now of course I am a little worried that this inconvenience (which after all these years still haven’t truly pinpointed to what triggers it truly) will sweep over me and make my next few days once again unbearable, with too little sleep I really do not want to take MaxAlt as then I will feel side-effects. Being up now for a good hour and the pressure in my head and sinuses not having gone… it’s a bad sign.

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  1. Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 16:30:46 (+0000) | Permalink

    Thank you so very much : for reading, for beauty in words, for being creative and loving, for being.

  2. Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 16:02:09 (+0000) | Permalink

    Reading this post just confirmed in me the wonder-filled presence of the miraculous in this life…often just around the corner (or, in this case, the blog corner).

    Your writing is as winning and rhapsodic as your images! Each time I visit your rich and multi-layered site, I see something new (literally, in your kaleidescope banner!).

    Empathy flows from me when I read of the stress that dogs the path of joyful times (e.g., friends or family visiting). I will keep you in the light of my thoughts as you wrestle with migraines. I have a great friend who suffers thus. She is also very creative, and we’ve wondered if there is a connection between the two. Small comfort, perhaps.

    Lastly, having just seen your reference to a project on Michelangelo, I thought you might like to see this most amazing title poem of a book I should have ordered by now: OH! It doesn’t seem to want to work. I will post it on my side in a few days.

    EDIT : DearestDragonfly – our first comment actually did make it, but it got caught by my spam blocker (who gets about 500 spam a day) and only now did I see it in that mass of spam. The poem is beautiful, and for the records, to not loose this link, I am copy/pasting your last paragraph which contained the link below (and will delete the rest as it seems to be identical to the above) :

    Lastly, having just seen your reference to a project on Michelangelo, I thought you might like to see this most amazing title poem of a book I should have ordered by now:

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