Black humor of life.

The past weeks had been filled with stuff, completing the art class at college including the semester work, my dad here for a visit, plenty family gatherings due to birthdays and Mother’s days and other stuff just jamming the days, not giving me time to re-orient – it’s been really busy and this weekend was the first in a long row which was planned to be just for me: cleaning some house but mainly to paint and paint and maybe play some WoW – overall to relax and catch my breath.

Oh, I was looking so very much forward to it!

But no, promptly on Saturday morning I woke up with one of my heavy migraines (the one a few days ago I was able to come by with some herbal stuff) – and the weekend went down the drain, right then and there. It meant 2 days just suffering and waiting for the pains to go, MaxAlt did not help, yes, one of THESE migraines.

So nauseous! So throbbing. By Saturday night it had gotten to the point that I had to vomit which made me feel better for a couple of hours. Barely slept during the night, every hour the pain would wake me anew. At 5 AM I searched the internet for answers and possible help, pain hurting my eyes so badly that I could barely read the screen.

That’s where I came across the Feverfew and Calcium/Magnesium combo. As I had both in the house, I popped some and went back to bed and within 30 minutes the pain had gone enough to let me fall back asleep.

I already thought I had finally found the cure – but life has not yet stopped toying with me on this issue – when the pains returned Sunday morning and I added more Feverfew and Calcium/Magnesium to my system, it would only barely take the tip off the pain (though I was even thankful for that).

As I’ve been tracking my monthly hormonal changes extensively over the past 5 months I’ve gotten a quite perfect view on what is triggering these migraines and at what point exactly of ‘my’ month. Now I’ll have to find out how to get a grip on this issue, I do have some ideas which I’ll be following up.

These migraines have lasted anywhere from 1 day to 10 days – I’m dreading the thought that it will continue tomorrow and that I’ll have to go work like that.

So much for looking forwards to a weekend.

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  1. Posted Monday, June 4, 2007 at 17:52:27 (+0000) | Permalink

    The migraines was mostly gone, today, Monday. Not fully, it would come back from time to time but compared to a 10 over the weekend it flares up to a 2, maybe 4 from time to time and I’ve been conquering this times with Coke – what an excuse to drink Coke!!! – and those 2 Coke’s actually have helped keeping it at bay today.

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