Counting down.

Yes, I am just as bad.

Like MANY others, I am counting the hours to 6 PM on the 29th.

Why so?

If you ask, you aren’t a geek :-)

But right now a scent of reason has swept over me.

Of COURSE I am talking about the launch of the iPhone.

I was all decided to get it as the monthly costs would remain the same as I am paying right now for my plan and there are so many plus factors which makes it a must have, IF it would not be for the (seems to be) fact that tethering will NOT be supported. No tethering, no data transfer, no REAL need for internet connection then, except the fun part of it.

B. and I am right now discussing the option of both saying no to it [for now, like the next 6 months] and to get a PS3 instead [which will allow us to also watch BlueRay High Definition DVDs, next to the ones we can watch already].

We have another 3 days to waver.

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