End of Days… and a Surprise.


Instead of having a “sad last evening” in the World of Warcraft realms with my high-level characters – Alynnah or Rheelah for example – I decided to have fun on the “evil” (Horde) side and started-up a Blood Elf with the name Belynnah. And, she is FUN!

Just before beginning to play though I did give a brief farewell to former guild members and right during those last hugs and all I found out that B. once again totally and utterly was able to do something totally unexpected: he is letting his accounts run out too (one expiring only 1 day later than mine), a decision he must have made within the last week.

As he was way more engaged in the game than myself and we never had talked about this scenario, I never expected him to end his 3 1/2 accounts (the 1/2 is a shared one). Guess I was wrong. The shared account will run out only in fall and he is considering maybe keeping one of his own accounts alive (mainly because he likes his character to be able to make weekly “Mooncloth” a highly valued tailor skill), he is still a bit unsure about how he will finally decide on this. But nevertheless, he will reduce 2/3, this is remarkable.

After almost 10 years I thought that one begins to know ones partner. How great to still get surprised in this way – it just doesn’t get boring – and makes me once again understand why I chose him as my partner.

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