Unusual sleep.

Usually I sleep right around 7 hours.

Mostly I’m too eager to get the day going to sleep longer or I once again manage to get to bed so late that my schedule does not allow me the full amount.

Why this magic number 7?

I do actually quite good if I reach 6 3/4 hours but miserable when it’s below 6 1/2 hours. If I reach the full 7, then I’m all set for the day.

With awe do I remember the days when I easily would sleep 8 1/2 hours each day. Nowadays I have to force myself to make it to 7 1/2.

There are several reasons it has changed this much. It is NOT that I have a hard time falling a sleep – I’m usually gone within a minute or two, once the whole going to bed routine with Tricky (cat) coming to cuddle in my arm is over and he leaves and then settles in on his current sleeping spot.

It is the other end which is a challenge at times.

Number ONE being the fact that the amount of water I drink does not want to remain longer than 6 hours in my body. Even though I manage to somewhat sleepwalk to the bathroom, by the time I’m done, I am awake. Too little sleep or not.

Number TWO is Tricky, the cat. Sometimes he just wants to smooch in the morning, sometimes he thinks it is time for me to get up for whatever reason (play, feed him, just get up) and he has such an insisting manner of coming up to cuddle, settle for a second, move, cuddle (push his head into my hand or my elbow), settle for a second, wash-rinse-and-repeat… until I am awake.

Number THREE is the alarm from my dearest hubby who not only carries the nickname but IS a bear when it comes to sleep. He can easily sleep until noon, 10 hours or more, no problem. AND he loves the buzzer of his alarm going off just to wake up, turn it off, turn around and carry on sleeping – doing this easily 5 times and enjoying the fact of waking up and then knowing he can go back to sleep. Thus, having him setting the alarm to 8 AM means that he will get up at 9:30 AM… probably. Usually this does not pose a problem as I’m anyhow the one getting up earlier – but on weekends, this IS a problem, because me – 180 degrees different of him – I wake up a split second before the alarm goes off. No kidding. I usually wake up, reach over and turn the alarm off before it rings. If I do not do that, I can hear the click of the alarm activating only a moment later. Thus I know, my body goes into full “ready to challenge” mode just this split moment before. Once I HEAR an alarm clock, well, damage done. Body does not want to go back to sleep.

This past night, none of the above points went into effect – with Tricky and Xena still sleeping next to my bed I groggily woke up 9 1/2 – NINE AND A HALF – hours later because Bear had gotten up and was trying to move quietly to the bathroom. 2 hours later I am still trying to get out of this grogginess.

More than unusual. Noteworthy is also the fact that I was in the middle of a dream when I woke up, a dream about trying to figure out the best software to use as a writer because in my dream I was thinking that maybe I am a better writer than painter and I was considering pursuing the writing in more earnest and thus was testing different pieces of software to find what I liked using.

This blasphemous thought has been lingering on since. I guess I will need to work harder as a painter to meet my own standards. But maybe, well, maybe it would be worth pursuing this other thought – not switching, but extending deliberately.

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