The Water Bottle.

SparkPeople Waterbottle

Fully aware how cheesy this sounds, but HAVING the right water bottle is what makes the difference if I drink my minimum of 8 glasses of water a day or not.

For the past year I tried a variety of tricks to control my water intake, knowing very well that I have a tendency to drink too little. But nothing did the trick, no huge ice tea pot nor an other, big water jug which holds exactly the 8 glasses of liquid – nor taking along fresh spring water bottled water. Constantly I struggled.

In a new attempt to get it under control, I went out and payed $12.00 for this colorful piece.

And the unexpected happened : I love it.

Using it now since 2 weeks and water consumption has become a breeze. Finally I’m constantly carrying water around with me – and having it all the time right under my nose makes me drink much, much more frequently than if I have to get up and get it some place (even if it only would mean to walk 15 steps to the water dispenser). Quite often I’ve even found to exceed the magic number 8 and I’ll end-up with 9 or even 10 glasses.

I can’t say anything special about the bottle, only that it is really handy how to unscrew it for opening without the possibility of loosing the lid (the last plastic bottle I had was a push-off lid which I hated). It also not only shows a scale in ounces but also in liters (1 liter is just a little more than 32 oz.), a factor I really appreciate and like. I also like the color and the bottle is easy to refill because the opening is large.

Who would have thought that I’d ever could write so much about something simple as a water bottle. But here you go.

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    What this approach ALSO does is that it allows me to have the water warm up to room temperature – I HATE drinking ice cold water and it kills the taste of water in my opinion. Now I fill up the botter first thing in the morning when I get to work. By the time I’ve drunk my 16 oz tea and I want to switch to plain water, it has warmed up perfectly. I do keep a little paper water cup from the dispenser with me at the desk, next to the water bottle. Like that I can constantly pour a little water into the paper cup and don’t have to drink out of the big bottle which I find more appealing and it happens then almost constantly without me even noticing except that the paper cup constantly seems empty.

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