It might be that just this one will pass.

After hours of research – Kenmore has NO online manuals – and finally tracking down who produced this specific line of stoves (Fridgidaire), I managed to find online a pretty equal counter piece which had links to installation guide and manual.

And after even more hours of research I found that with this specific stove it is possible to have the standard side panels replaced and instead use thinner side panels which then allows to install into a standard 29″ opening (and not 30″ as is now).

Of course, it took even more hours to track down if the model we bought truly corresponds to what I found online and if the same option will stand with Sears and their brand Kenmore (the Fridgidaire stove looks minimalisticly different than our model, but I was almost convinced they used the same overall dimensions etc.).

This meant a trip back to the store. Within the floor model stove I found the installation papers and lo and behold, our model shows the same “thinner side panel” option.

What this means?

Big relief, because now we do not have to rip out the right cabinet nor rebuild that one.

We had even the sales guy pull the stove out and then we could take some measurements. After these measurements and more hours on the computer researching data and measuring and re-measuring our current situation, it just MIGHT be, that we don’t even have to cut tile nor wood cabinetry face plates and that we MIGHT get away installing just as is (after switching to the thinner side panels).

Now THAT would be a major relief!

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  1. Posted Monday, August 20, 2007 at 21:37:01 (+0000) | Permalink

    This kind of thing can suck up all available time & energy.

    It is a beautiful stove. May it slide in with new panels…neatly and conclusively…

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