Sunny day in fall.

weight loss in progress

After 4 days of pains, the migraines have finally – once again – vanished. And instantly I feel back to life and eager to do stuff and I enjoy where I am and the time of year. It was a clear blue sky day today, fall at it’s best.

I am also making progress with my diet – I want to loose now these last 22 pounds (10 kilo) that America and the quitting to smoke has put onto my hip and thighs. Making progress and, for right now, I feel as this time I can get it done. I like the PeerTrainer small community, this makes the whole process a bit more interesting and diverse. Stopped logging at SparkPeople : too many ads slow the website terribly down and too complicated to input the data and keep track of stuff, PeerTrainer is here much more along my lines of interest.

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    I am always sad to hear of the pain that takes over your life when you have migraines. I have a very special friend who suffers the same. She is also very creative and has a heart full of art.

    I’ve sometimes wondered if creativity and migraines… musicianship and depression… if things like these have a dependent relationship that somehow bears beautiful fruit. I would rather not think this is true – except, perhaps, if the beauty is a celebration of the end of pain?

    Yet, possibly, artists who suffer have a depth to their work that exceeds the norm.

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