Shaken and Angry

Today, out of the blue – well, gray actually – my life got rattled again.

I am okay – no worries – but this morning I managed to have a car accident.

It was one of those, one does not see coming, no warning signs like back in 1986 when I had the motorcycle accident. Nothing. Suddenly and out of the blue and very left.

Temperatures had dropped from very warm to drizzle and obviously it was way more slick and icy than visible. I was not going fast, had stopped at a red light for a while, went slow enough through the curve… From there on everything happened really fast and no, no slow motion, not at all.

First thing what hit me was surprise of what is going on.

Right after going through the light and curve – I had the car just straightened out and was not going fast – I accelerated and suddenly the car yanked into an almost 90 degree angle to the left heading towards on coming traffic.

Next thing was that I probably counter-turned my steering wheel (and here is where I have a blur… did I push harder onto the gas due to the surprise, or did I go onto the breaks?) and the result was that my car went into a 270 degree clockwise spin, across the adjacent empty lane (I was completely facing the traffic coming in my lane) and then the car still had such a velocity of the spin that it just slid right up the road curb and up into the grass along the road, the back-end still swinging and fully hitting an electrical-lamp post and I remember vividly the bang while thinking that did not sound good and that it’s good that I did not snap my neck (as the whole upper body had moved as one) because the collision threw me vigorously to the front and side in my seat belt and then snapped me to the back and side when I finally came to a halt… like 5 inches away from the metal back-end from some truck parked in the shopping lot right there.

During the incident I hit not other car and no pile up occurred and nobody got physically hurt, but I am still shaking after 10 hours. This, at this point, might more be out of anger.

What I did not know nor realize is that the Suzuki which I drive is a rear-wheel drive and mainly only 1 wheel is “pushing” and thus it is easily to have happen what happened today to me under these weather conditions. I drive this car since 7 years and this fact had never clicked with me. The car does have a 4-wheel drive what I usually use when it snows, but obviously today would have been the day for that too.

The cop was there barely a minute later. First thing he said was that a tow-truck is on its way. And gave me a ticket for driving too fast under circumstances (hah! what was I, maybe 15 miles an hour?!!) – there go $120. Plus the $500 deductible from the insurance. Plus the 20% costs for a rental car. Of course I am glad that the insurance pays the rest. Sounds as if the car might even be a “total loss” and that I just get a check of the cars market fair price value from the insurance as fixing the damage will cost A LOT. Police said that there had been at least already 10 accidents that morning in that area.

What makes me mainly angry is that actually I would have been the day off and not even on the streets. As we are having a long weekend at work due to Thanksgiving, I had volunteered to come in today to ensure nothing gets too long delayed. Working the day today earns me so much LESS than what this accident costs me. Not even talking about lost nerves and self-confidence. And the big question I am left with to what made me run effect like this, this has me really puzzled as the whole incident has.

One says, in the end it’s just money. Which is true to some extent. But I could have enjoyed a day at home at a cozy fire playing my time away and still be quite a bit richer than I am now!!!

Guess what I would have enjoyed more?

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