Reflections and Decisions

After weeks of “dropping the ball” and time spent on reflections of involvement and exchange, I think that I have come to a setup which could work – at least for the time being.

Running 3 content blogs next to a photo blog next to guest writing next to revamping my other 3 sites next to remodeling the basement next to work next to spring yard work looming next to family next to living next to next to, has proven to chew me up, and feeling I needed to provide, provide, provide, licked the remains from the plate.

Next to time related issues, I needed to figure out importance to me and others of the different blogs, writing into thin air is not a result I am interested in. Plus I needed to figure out what I really enjoy, how much of it I want to continue enjoying it, and how much time am I willing to invest (currently).

The main conclusion is that I definitely like all 3 blogs and want to keep them all: this one and then TarotDivergency and mStudiosTALK.

But instead of crunching out a post a day, researching and other blog related daily tasks, I will lighten up considerably. Right now, TarotDivergency is set to 1 post a week. This is too little for my liking, I do want to get to 3 postings a week.

Having mStudiosTALK putting out a post a day is a joke (for me): there exist plenty really good design sites out there, it is nothing unique, so I’m not going to try to get market shares here! mStudiosTALK though will remain my business communication site, meaning that things related to my work will be posted to it and no longer to this one here.

Here I am not setting a schedule or limit of posts per week – many of the posts will be blogged via an RSS reader and a collection for myself not to forget about it, or just stuff I came across and thought neat – as long as it falls into the realm of my (extended) work, it will be posted there. This site on the other hand will remain my private site. And, because of the past huge collection of WordPress related posts, I will continue posting WP stuff here – it is not as much design related than CSS for example, thus I feel good about this split.

In regards to my other daily blog tasks: either it will be on a daily alternating schedule or the design stuff will happen every 2 days and the other just 1x a week – but I will definitely no longer try to manage it all on every day. I am also considering of dropping my (food/cooking) guest blogging entirely: so far it has not panned out to what had been the teaser in the first place and even though it would be nice exposure, it’s just one thing more – but then again I think I might keep that on up as just 1x a week.

Overall I feel pretty good about this concept.

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