My head isn’t making it.

It is not the case that there would be nothing to report on, quite the opposite, quite the opposite. But these days it seems that all the writing is happening in my head but never goes anywhere further. My schedule has been moved around 3 times within only a few weeks and I am under the influence of early mornings after too little sleep. Even work has winded down to a summer slow after months of hectic production. Due to the constant overlay of sleep deprivation, I have lost my energy. To ensure that I really won’t gain momentum I have also indulged in my typical “while guests are here” (sugar and over-)eating pattern. All together has made me into a fuzzy, mash-potato awareness, constantly tired and yearning for more sleep. Mid next week things should turn back to a more ‘normal’ schedule which will be started with a couple of days of ‘airing out my body’ from all the current junk food and then a planning of the next few months – there is a lot I want to accomplish this year!

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