Liars, fools or just plain bad taste buds?

Over the years I have tried several sugar replacement and I have found anything from horrid – like Aspartame as contained in Diet Coke and much more – to bad – like Splenda which fools you of it’s healthiness by stating it’s made from sugar – to awful – like Stevia which is not unhealthy but easily more bitter than sweet – to bearable – like Zweet which uses Erythritol.

Most often you’ll see exclamation points made of ‘how it tastes just like sugar’ and this is where I begin to shake my head. No after-taste? Bah! For a moment I thought that Erythritol could be a substitute for my tea sugar, but after drinking only 1 glass of such sweetened cold Raspberry Leaf tea I know for quite certain, this will be no possible for my breakfast Earl Grey.

How can it be that other people don’t taste it? And even though Erythritol is naturally derived it tastes fake. Is everyone trying to convince themselves that they found the perfect sugar replacement? Are they paid to state things which just are not true? Or have years of Aspartame killed their natural sensors as compared to that, everything will taste like the real deal.

Saying that it tastes ‘like sugar’ is just as bad as stating that after only a few weeks of no cigarettes the cravings will pass. I am over 8 years a non-smoker and I STILL get cravings! And only when I accepted the fact that these statements are far from reality, only then was I able to quit smoking for good.

With replacement sweeteners it seems to be a similar deal. I’ll try it again and will see if I can get used to it. But don’t come my way trying to make me belief it will taste ‘just like sugar‘ because it just won’t.

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