There is a new kid in town.

It’s name is The-Hit-List and if you are into organizing and todo lists and GDT (GettingThingsDone) approach or even if you just like to follow your own ways of organizing your tasks and projects and goals, this is the new one.

While I am feeling giddy about it, for its freshness, its aesthetics and fluid workflow approach and especially for its surprising surfacing out of nowhere in such a polished manner and for it’s ability to be a huge contender to OmniFocus and Things – for all these positive feelings I do also feel the shadow of potential repeats of the past while following the posts on the user list twined around the application’s final beta stages.

I’ve mentioned it on that user list, but felt like needing to voice it one more time, hoping this might hush away these thoughts and that the feathered wings of doubt’s light touch will dissipate and that I can prove my inklings wrong within the year to come as being nothing else than an overly cautious attitude. So here follows the non-edited quote of my post:

… what I have seen happening with OmniFocus and then with Things is that the apps were slick and smooth when the alpha/beta cycle still was small, but once it hit the masses and then too many people had a say – like too many cooks will kill a meal – it seemed that the apps became more flakey as too many different user preferences got addressed and that the apps become bloated or less intuitive or more quirky or such after. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it’s something I’ve observed and feel it was the case.

That the apps broke down, e.g. Things when it’s Forum became huge for example. Users are vocal which is fine, but… . It is so often that on forums people loose their manners and debates get very heated and insulting and then there are so many viewpoints as there are users. So I think it can be tricky for a company which is very involved in user exchange to keep their integrity and, uhm – pure’ness of code [yeah, I just made that up].

In cases like that I feel it would be good if the company has somebody else (e.g. support) handling all forum posts and only give the summary to the rest of the team (500 people asked for bla but only 15 swear on blee and threaten to leave you if you don’t implement it).

Of course me too, I have a ton of wishes (like a NEXT for example) and am also very opinionated. And of course I often also rather talk to the coder directly as “he/she will usually best understand what I want”. It’s a mixed bag. With all this rambling I’m only trying to say that I hope that THL won’t go down that path of getting pulled into too many directions for trying to accommodate too many different user views.

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