Staying friends.

We were today at Kellie and Michael’s wedding and it was fun, a day which prompted Bear and myself to dress nicer than at our own wedding (which had been online and in jeans): Bear in a lavender, fitted shirt and great grey pants which shows off his huge weight loss and newly gained musscles perfectly and myself in high heels (yep, I leveled in height with Bear), a black and sexy chiffon dress and straightened hair. Kellie was Bear’s longtime girlfriend (they were together something like 5 years) in his early to mid-twenties. Ever since he stayed in good contact with her and her sister, Erin who’s marriage to a French guy (Erik) was 8 years ago. Erin’s 2 daughters ( 2 1/2 and 6 or 7) were the flower girls and it was cute.

The ceremony was in a very small chapel, the ceremony held by the grooms father who did a fine job to accommodate the many denominations present at the wedding. There were 2 very touching moments, first when the bride lit a candle for her father who has passed away, and then when the father of the groom presented them both with a stone the mother had picked up at the Cape of Good Hope where Michael had proposed to Kellie (but keeping it a secret from the parents for a little while, not knowing how perceptive they were and in turn had picked a small, round rock from the exact place of proposal without letting the 2 young ones know about).

The reception after was held about 30 minutes away at a very nice golf club house, overseeing a gorgeous, hilly, course, in Lawrence (Kansas). Just when we entered Lawrence with the car, the sirens went off for tornado alert, yep, tornado was hitting Lawrence just then. There was a lot of rotation in the air (6 different ones!) but it seems none touched down. But of course we did not know that, we only had noticed the black wall ahead of us and that car’s were pulling up to the side of the highway; that’s when we tuned the radio into a local station. But given the situation we were in, center of Lawrence with a ton of cars, metal, and mall strips around, we felt it was best to just ‘drive away from it’ – coincidentally we had to take a left to get to the club house so we did not head closer into the blackness but ran parallel to it. I literally could see clouds wisp in a circular fashion, quite impressive and quite scary at the same time, especially when just then the really heavy rain hit, obliterating any view for driving.

Once at the club house we felt much safer, though the sirens of the city still were going strong. The manager at the club house was frantically trying to reach her boss to find out if she had to usher all the people into the basement and abandon the gorgeously set dinner room. I had images flashing of the huge windows imploding, sending glass over all the tulips, set up so invitingly on each table, and the colorful wedding cake, and I saw us all huddled downstairs with the chef saying “dinner is served” and handing out paper plates with some wedding food scraps, all which could be salvaged before the chaos broke lose.

Of course, these were only typical “marlyse’s-active-mental-story-telling-images” and the sirens faded out and with only little delay the fantastic (mainly vegetarian) food was served.

Tomorrow we will have the family over later in the afternoon for celebrating Tracy’s birthday. After that the next week will appear nicely relaxed, even though currently I do have a lot of work at Net2Business (which is good, I rather keep busy then inventing work).

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