It’s all in the Oil.

Alright, this is not a post meant for men, thus go right ahead and skip right now and move on.

It’s about Vaseline versus Baby Oil.

Told you. Not for you. And you can put all that innuendo and/or sexual thought that’s creeping up in your mind right back to where it came from.

It is about one of these things which I believe in and have used for such a long time but at the same time I am sure that it is not broadly known which is plainly a shame as I think it that good. For this reason, let it be known:

My mom swears by Vaseline, I do by Baby Oil.

Seriously, Vaseline was her preferred sun cream lotion and to keep the skin smooth and all. Of course she’d go redder than a boiled crab in no time.

My point is not to use Baby Oil as a sun tan replacement, that would be pretty suicidal for your skin. I’m talking about a general “skin lotion”. Seriously. Already as a teen I hated the feeling that a normal skin lotion leaves: it is STICKY, no matter how much it is touted as fast absorbent. And when your skin is sticky, everything sticks to it and your skin remains tacky to the touch. Eek. Next to that it’s difficult to find a lotion that doesn’t smell like a whore house (it’s the perfume I’m addressing here, not the whores).

Fast forward to Baby Oil. Barely, if even any, smelly stuff in it. You say it is way more sticky than lotion because it won’t absorb? You only need to know how to use it. So here it comes, perfect application:

The moment of application is between completing the shower (or bath) and drying yourself. Personally I love the good old Johnson Baby Oil. Very liquidly in consistency, perfect lightness, so do not get the Gel like one, it takes too much force to push out the bottle and is too thick in consistency.

Either pour some into the palm of your hand or squirt it directly onto the area you want to use it on (legs, upper arms etc.). LIGHTLY rub it in over the water pebbles which are still clinging to your body. When done, PAT yourself dry, don’t rub those locations. In spots you will have a bit more oil remaining then others. In light strokes go over those spots and spread (if needed) and it will leave your skin with a light, satiny feel – which smells only lightly and very pleasing. Your skin gets incredible soft and remains like that all day with this barely noticeable satiny smell.

In my world, Baby Oil definitely wins over Vaseline.

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