The perseverance it takes.

The explosion of creativity was in the head. And it still is. This is the result of this day. That’s the simplified version of it.

The long version is a day of computer hardware support, fixing, backing up, moving old to new, chasing down software only to find that the backed up disk image of Alias Sketchbook could not be mounted and the .zip of it had long time ago been trashed, but finding after a lot of back and forth the solution for this, but then only to find that Painter X would not install even though installed perfectly on another machine with the same OS version on it, and after 3 clean uninstalls and reinstalls and re-download of the software… given up on this for now but found solution for present time to get that what’s in my head OUT.


That’s exactly how I felt after all of this.

Good news is that Alias Sketchbook is working and in combination with Photoshop can get the job done. And I am finally again able to draw on the big Cintiq 21UX and it is… delicious!

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  1. Bear Weiter
    Posted Friday, July 24, 2009 at 01:04:45 (+0000) | Permalink

    Actually Painter works just fine now.

    There are threads and threads and OH SO MANY threads out there on Painter install/not-running issues. I guess it installs some copy protection/licensing thing, and there’s a specific file you need to delete. This is not getting around copy protection, this is simply to make a legit, legal copy run.

    Considering the amount of people that have experienced this, it tells me that Corel just does not care about the user experience.

    But, whatever – it works, and Painter is hard to beat for what it does. Especially with the nice Cintiq.

    • Posted Friday, July 24, 2009 at 01:21:15 (+0000) | Permalink

      THANKS for making it work. It was so frustrating. But having that whole workstation setup now as it is, with Painter, Alias Sketch etc. and to be able to nicely work on the Cintiq, is just ABSOLUTELY GREAT !!!! Thanks again.

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