Twitter, when it becomes a nuisance.

I love Twitter. At least I used to. Now with all the hype and craze, I am reconsidering.

I’m just about to complete my second year on Twitter and moving on into the 3rd one. As so many, my very first tweet – at 8:46 PM on Jul 9th, 2007 – was something really, really intelligent, interesting and useful, such as: “what does this mean?”

Since then I’ve learned a lot, for example that tweeting is not funny if you have nobody to share it with. I was at first in an oasis of non-coherent beeps and nobody I knew saw neither the fun nor the use in it. But it quickly changed when it began tying in and integrating with other applications.

For years now I have my status automatically being pulled and then updated in Adium (superior chat client) and also for example in Facebook. I don’t use Facebook by itself a lot (sorry guys, this is also the reason I comment so little on your life); too many annoying gimmicks for my taste – with no other purpose than to spend your day – but I do want to stay connected and the more I can streamline the applications that I use into one interface, the more it’s getting my attention.

Twitterific was my application of choice, really small footprint on my desktop, small enough to even have it running at work. But, it has not improved and not kept up with the development of Twitter and it’s potential.

Twitter has really evolved and matured. ToodleDo for one allows you to create tasks via your Twitter account, so do other applications integrate. The use of #hashtags is another, very big aspect. That and the fact that people not only use it any longer for idle chat but spreading of very useful information.

Some applications are trying to combine different social platforms into one interface, but most of them just don’t do it smoothly enough (for my taste). Seesmic Desktop is the closest to fantastic that I have found, the only reason at this point that I am not using it regularly is the amount of computer resource hog it is when it runs, not good enough for a background application.

So for now it is Tweetie as it allows for multiple accounts with a simple switch to tweet from the one or other account – I distinct between personal and business and on each have different followers – and it allows shortening of URLs, or photo tweeting and such plus easy searches, following and unfollowing and all such goodies. Plus the iPhone version of it is also the smoothest that I’ve seen so far (it does not force you to wait for a ton of updates to load plus you can tweet from multiple accounts).

All of that is what makes Twitter so cool.

Right now it is in everyones mouth, even on the news and it has become the latest crazed fad and all the gold diggers are busy busy, quick quick, make a buck or two, with the spammers who are also knocking on the door. THIS is when it becomes a nuisance and when it looses its charm, just the same when St.Tropez got overrun by beer busses and too many tourists with no sense of value nor respect.

Reflecting on all of this, I realize that once again the job is to filter out the weed and to get good at this. Letting the misusers kill the fun and to step back would allow them to win; that’s the last thing I’ll do. And the wind of crazed hype will blow over as it always does with fads of the masses. Out of it all condensed uses emerge and the essence will remain what it has become: the bush drums of our modern day.

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