The run of the names is coming to a final show down…

  • the girl was easy and definite since the day we saw her for the first time
    - YUKI [which can mean "lucky", "happiness" or "snow"]
  • but the boy here is another story. There are 2 names in the end running, both with 2 different spelling options, but pronounced the same… drumroll…

SKY – or – SKYE


SKY is ultimately derived from Old Norse sky “cloud”.

GREELEY is derived from Old English, and the meaning is “gray meadow”. (other source thinks it might be related to ‘green meadow’). In any case, it does imply strongly the gray color of him. And peacefulness, serenity.

I almost named him MILK FACE with all the white around his eyes and the snout, he looks as if he’s exactly that.


I love the images of lightness that come to mind when thinking of the two as SNOW and SKY… YUKI and SKYE… it brings them together and intertwines them, which is what their life will be as they are siblings and will share a home.

The only reason I did not stop searching at SKY was that, well, some people think of it as only a girls name (a friend of ours even has a daughter called like that!), but it is a name used also for boys.

The variation of SKYE would be an option, but next to be a variant form of SKY it also does point strongly to the ISLAND OF SKYE – which supposedly is STUNNING – in Scotland. I do not want to invoke those pictures with his name, thus a bit hesitant.

This is almost as hard as finding the name for your first born – I think it took me months until I found the “just right” one [which was Féodora] :-)

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    (Addition to the SKY derivation from http://www.etymonline.com) c.1220, “a cloud,” from O.N. sky “cloud,” from P.Gmc. *skeujam “cloud, cloud cover” (cf. O.E. sceo, O.S. scio “cloud;” O.H.G. scuwo, O.E. scua, O.N. skuggi “shadow;” Goth. skuggwa “mirror”), from PIE base *(s)keu- “to cover, conceal” (see hide (n.1)). Meaning “upper regions of the air” is attested from c.1300; replaced native heofon in this sense (see heaven). In M.E., the word can still mean both “cloud” and “heaven,” as still in the skies, originally “the clouds.

    (Addition to SKYE from http://www.blurtit.coml) Skye is believed to derive from the Old Norse word, Skið which can variously mean sky or cloud.

    (Addition to the meaning of the word YUKI from http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com) The Japanese name Yuki may be written with the character for “happiness; blessing; fortune” … Yuki is also the Japanese vocabulary word for “snow”.

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