iPad, iPad, here I come.

Yuki helped me today to get out of bed in time to be with the first to preorder the iPad. She actually helped getting me out of bed over an hour ahead of time by running 3x across my chest! Officially the iPad went on sale at 5:30am Pacific time (Los Angeles), which means here in Kansas at 7:30am – and I was already sitting at the computer at 6:15am!

This gave me ample time to enjoy a cup of tea while going through my daily’s [checking email, making the plan of what I want to do all today and so on... except checking my Twitter accounts, as those I moved to do only in the evening after completion of work, you can guess why!].

We had debated with which flavor of the upcoming gadget we want to go. Of course we have big eyes for the top of the line [64GB with WiFi+3G for $899] but we decided to go the lowest route [16GB with WiFi only for $499] for one single reason: we both know exactly that a new, better version of the iPad will come out within a year, and THAT is the time that we want to put our teeth into the expensive, top of the line, item. Until then, this one will be just dandy and I can hardly wait to have it in my hands: delivered on April 3!!!

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