Just like April ought to be.

Today is the first day of spring, 10 days to go until April and yesterday we had a small snow storm which brought 7 inches of snow. Most of it is now already again melted and the remains will be surely gone by tomorrow as it will warm up to almost 60°

Just like April tosses with the weather, being mid projects is a blessing and a curse.

On one hand it allows me to indulge into improving my own skills and my sites, but on the other hand it invites introversion and worries about future income and the stability of it.

The most annoying about this situation is that instead of getting a great head start with upgrading my sites – which invokes reach of future potential clients – it all crashes down to a slimy drag, every inch of the way a fight for it, leaving me constantly with this feeling of not having achieved enough progress.

The best I can do in such a situation is to work on playfulness and to not take it all so serious. Often easier said than done! One important step of this is to set limits: work only this specific amount of hours on development and then do something distinctively different. Because no matter how hard I try or want it, I am not able to finish it all off in one or two days and no amount of frustration about this fact will change it nor make the design any better, while on top of it, working too man hours a day on it introverts me and make me feel even more inadequate.

Oh, did I mention? My new site design is coming along really nicely.

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