Thanksgiving – my way.

Once again it’s the last Thursday in the month, the day that millions of Americans come together and “say thank you” and “be thankful” for things, gathered around tables with stuffed turkeys and bellies.

On one hand it sounds great but on the other actually pretty gross.

Originally I thought the day is meant to prepare and share food with others – something I could see as a very worthwhile endeavor back in the days when there was a lot of poverty around while the country was established. Doing something for others which they might be thankful for. Doing something for others – cooking and sharing some great food - to also say “thank you”.

Oh, I finally realized how wrong I was.

I’m all in for traditions. You would not have thought so, correct? But yes, I am for the traditions which brings people together, I like gathering of Christmas (but not the shopping frenzy nor the fact that Xmas songs and decorations are being hammered onto and into you already by the end of October). Thus I also like the family gathering on Thanksgiving. Usually I could do with less food, but that is another story and has rather todo with poor personal control than the fact of the gathering.

Thanksgiving though is an odd one for me. It’s this “let’s all hail together and be happy together because it’s this day”. Huge aversion to something the like. Now be happy and say thanks. BE THANKFUL ON COMMAND. Ugh. It’s the same as LOVE SOMEBODY ON COMMAND because it’s February 14th. A day created and gotten on the gravy train by Hallmark.

Of course I’m thankful for a lot of things. But I do not feel compelled to go around and announce it to everyone what a good person I am that I’m such a grateful person! Too close to be nothing more than a lip service and we have enough of that when it comes to various religions and politics.

Thus, for all it’s worth, I will keep enjoying the gathering aspect of it and the food itself, while glossing over the points which remain alien and fake to me after all these years.

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    … to elaborate: I do not mean that some religions by themselfs are nothing more than a lip service (but probably exists as such somewhere too) – much rather was I thinking of people executing the religion, following but not truly part of it or following it. Same with politics and politicians – saying to do something to server people but honing their own little projects. … you know what I mean, right?

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