Malcolm Thain

With much sadness have I heard of your passing.
I remember you as a kind man and a great spirit.
I remember good talks, hanging out on the Platter.
Personal talks. Fun talks. Creative talks.
I remember and wish you well, wherever you are now.

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As I’ve been dead here for pretty much a year I thought this the perfect day to start rolling again. Of course I need to re-fresh and re-design the look and feel here… and some fixes would be in place too. But apart of that, I just missed my daily explorations and musings.

Currently I am playing with a cool little app on the iPhone called STORIE – you can get info about it @ and it allows you to bundle photos under one theme / subject. The cool thing about this is that you can embed it via an iframe on any website.

OF COURSE the theme of today would be, guess what, my birthday – with emphazis on DAY.

Thought I’ll track my day – THE day I generally devote just to myself and my current moods. Today is devoted to hanging out, spending some money (including my $200 cash gift from last Xmas), going to the movies and eating to much while the first winter cold and snow front is approaching.

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Today I’ve consiously decided to NOT complete this time the SketchBookPROJECT. It’s a really cool project, but rather than doing a half-good job, rushing through to meet the submission date and then be unhappy because I know the result is not what it could and should be, I decided to stop here and to submit next year again (with some better planing I hope!).

Next to this decision I’ve made some good progress this week on several projects of mine. Of course never as much as I would like it to be, but good enough to feel it moving. A good feeling.

One of those larger projects was to transfer my PhotoBlog from Pixelpost to Wordpress, from a sub-directory to a sub-domain. Over the course of 7 years a lot of photos have accumulated and getting all over and not losing dates, comments and the lot plus to transfer the monthly grid – a biggie for me – I dreaded it for a long time. But the past year almost made the site fall into absolute non-existence just because I no longer was able to send photos easily via the iPhone to the site. It just HAD TO be done.

And here it is in it’s new glory: myVIEW – life through the viewfinder.

Tomorrow will be another big step – I’ll be back in the painting room. No words to describe that feeling.

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