Oceanic Flight 710

There is a reason why I don’t visit back home that often.

Today I was reminded of that once again. It’s not the costs. Of course it is a factor, but not THE factor. And I think it’s not my fear of flying either, even though this is a hard one to believe. But it definitely has to do with being locked into a plane for miserable 8+ hours, 31,000 feet above safe ground in a canister barely big enough to rely a false impression of safety. It is being bound to these tight seats, cutting off the blood flow to the hamstrings, sending tingling feelings down to the toes, intensified into a numb sensation due to the airconditioner. Knowing that the flight will be over an hour less than originally announced does not help the caged feeling which sets in latest after dinner, around hour two. Sleep is a thing of impossibility, even though there is that lucky one lady who scored three seats all to herself and whom I could watch these past hours comfortably craddled and curled across them, slumbering away, while myself I was counting sheep which didn’t show and fighting the gaps and crevices, black holes for my tiny pillow being gulped away, leaving me with nothing else than countering, tensed and aching neck and shoulder muscles.

The lights in the cabin just turned back on. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is finding its way. Only another half an hour and these past, endless hours will culminate into these couple minutes of plain terror while this plane is finding its footing and grounding and then coming to its end.

And after that it will be that little sigh and loosening of tension into this all relaxed feeling, evaporating those intense moments into nothingness, like lovers after their climax.

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Fleeting Time.

YAY!!! Only 2 days left. One to work and one to pack.

AND to do the million other things which need to be done before leaving. Like work. And the cat sitter, get all updated info to him. The plants. Wash clothes. Check that the camera for Anna works. Make notes. Try and foresee what will be needed. Let it all drop and just be.

Feeling so sorry to leave the kittens for such a long time alone. We BTW. have a retired cop as our sitter. He is fully into cowboy stuff. Also his website. Which was almost the reason I did not contact him. But his engagement for animals and knowledge of first-aid made me change my mind. I think they will do as well with him as they can with us gone. Sky was even out and about, playing around him the other day. Right now I’m filling in all the cat info – this time online, hoping that I never, ever, ever again have to fill out forms asking for the same things.

Beginning to feel stressed when working, makes it hard to concentrate on code. Feel I should have another 3 days of only work before leaving. Will not happen.

We need to run some errands, get a backup drive for Anna, get MaxALT, bring our backup drives to the bank before noon, possibly buying a pair of pants or something else. Plus more, but forgot what all.

Let’s get back at entering cat info.

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Not much longer!

How fast suddenly the past few months flew by. At first it seemed there is so much time, so much time to finish all these little things: the dragon, The Clan Loop, scanning photos and paintings… and now? I drowned in work – a good thing, mind you – and all of these things once again took the back seat. Next to finishing up the redesign of this site, and also of mStudios and of a few sites for Bear. As much as I love to work a lot, when we get back I will need to reorganize my schedule to be more productive in the given time. But for now, I will try and not fret nor worry but just do as much as I can without over-stessing and then to enjoy the stay in Europe. WOW, it has been 8 years for Switzerland. And 10 years for seeing general family and 26 for Anna.

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